1.Student Grocer works just like a meal card. Load up your account with Student Grocer Points. Do one lump sum or pay-as-you-go

2. Choose grocery items to last about 10 days.

3. When you're checking out, you will be able to select your delivery date and schedule a 1-hour time window.

4. Fresh groceries are delivered to your door! We'll call you ahead of delivery to remind you.

While we’re not going to be delivering cheesy poutine to you and your buddies at 2 a.m., StudentGrocer does provide students with quality food for modest prices (during reasonable hours!).

The best part? It couldn’t get any easier. All you have to do is cruise through StudentGrocer’s online store and pick what you enjoy.

Next up, choose when you want your items delivered and what one-hour window works best with your schedule.

In case you get partyin--- ahem, studying…and forget about us, we’ll send you an email the night before your delivery to remind you we’re on the way.

And the simplicity of it all doesn’t end there: our driver will send a text just before he or she arrives, and will even help you unpack. Can we get a “halleluiah”?

For your roommates’ sake, don’t get “hangry”!

Start shopping now!

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Breakfast Options

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Lunch Options

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Dinner Options

What the fork is for dinner? The possibilities are endless. Check ‘em out.



You’ve got a case of the munchies? Don’t fret: we’ve got your back.


Cleaning Supplies

If the dust bunnies killed your cleaning fairy, check out our list of cleaning supplies to get your pad into shape.


Health & Beauty

Hi, Gorgeous! See our health and beauty options.