Student Grocer's FAQ Questions:

FAQ’s: Got a question? We probably have the answer! Check out these FAQ’s below. If you don’t find what you need, please feel free to email us!


    Q. How much food do I get for each order?

    The amount of food you can order with each delivery depends on the types of food you choose. For example, if you are choosing only typically higher-priced items, such as steak, you won’t be able to order as much. That being said, you don’t have to eat only canned tuna and macaroni. We suggest a good balance of both. Quick Tip: breakfast and lunch items are very affordable. Most of your budget should be spent on dinner items.


    Q. What additional food options do I get for the Store Brand and Name Brand package?

    Every membership has access to the same types of foods. However, as you move up the memberships, the brand quality increases. Want the gold-standard item even if you’re a bronze subscriber? Shoot us an email and we will do our best to accommodate you!


    Q. Where do you deliver to?

    Currently, we service colleges and universities in the Kingston, ON, Canada area. Expansion plans are underway!


    Q. Is there a minimum order?

    Yes. There is a $50 minimum check-out requirement.


    Q. Do I have to create an account to place an order?

    Yes. You do have to create an account to place an order, Also, you will have to provide your delivery information before your order can be processed. E.G Name, Home, School , Location. This information is so that we know how to make the delivery of your order.


    Q. How do I pay for my order?

    To make the payment process as easy and safe for you, we offer all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards. We have many different types of payment gate ways, e.g. , Visa Cards, American Express Cards, Discover Cards And  Master Cards


    Q. How do you ensure that my financial information is secure?

    i.At Student Grocer, we want you to feel safe while shopping with us. Yes, your security is our #1 priority. We protect your data with the same military-grade security and encryption that the big banks use. If in any case while using our websites any of your information is compromised you will be secured up to $500,000.00 on each website and collectively $1,500,000.00

    ii.We provide Norton Shopping Guarantee Free to all of our customers.


    Q. Do I have to subscribe to a specific membership, or can I just order what I want?

    Yes, you must choose a specific membership.

  •  Q. Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, you can. To cancel a membership, email one month in advance of your desired cancellation.

     This includes delivery to private homes, Corporate offices, Yachts & the docks for family islands


    Q. Will I ever run out of food like I did with my meal card?

    No! You should not run out of food. Typical meal cards are designed as a supplement. Student Grocer is designed as a full grocery program. You will always have food delivered to your house every ten days. BUT… if you invite all your pals over and have a snack fest, you may run out before your next delivery.


  • Can I share a meal plan with my roommate?

    In theory, you could do this. If you chose to share with 1 roommate, we would definitely suggest you supplement your shared plan with other food or eating out. Hey, at least you could both rest easy knowing there will always be some food in the house!